Example of coding in Python

This web-sites subject is translation, so I only talk about other skills and competencies if they can contribute to this activity. In principle, skills and knowledge in any field can contribute if you translate in that field. For example, patenting experience will help in the translation of patents.

Here I will talk about programming, specifically about a program converting dictionaries from MS Excel into the Abbyy Lingvo format.

I maintain my glossaries in Excel as it is easy to edit and add to in this format. From time to time, I convert it into Lingvo and add to this dictionary as a user glossary.

Previously, the conversion was semiautomatic which took a lot of time to go through the process step by step and clean up any errors. The program does in a matter of minutes what would take hours before.

The procedure can be used to convert any electronic dictionaries that can be copied to MS Excel or saved as TXT file with tab delimiters.

For more information please see the manual.

Link to download the program