2018 — 2020

Air separation unit for a gas-to-liquids project in Uzbekistan

Project description:

UzGTL is a large project to produce synthetic liquid fuels from natural gas in Uzbekistan. The process requires high-purity oxygen. The plant also needs nitrogen as an inert gas. Both oxygen and nitrogen will be produced by a cryogenic air separation unit (ASU). And engineering and procurement contract for the ASU was awarded to Cryogenmash. Due to a large scope of word, Cryogenmash subcontracted some work to Air Products.

I was engaged by Air Products via Ego Translating agency to help communication between specialists talking different languages.

My work on the project:

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation:

I also audited the quality of translation in the project office of Cryogenmash.

Though the purpose of the contract was to build an air separation unit, my translation covered the whole range of subjects of industrial construction from procurement to financing:


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