Resume (pdf)



  • Technical background (MPhys, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University).
  • Experience. Full-time freelance translation and interpreting since 1997.
  • Knowledge of industry terms, processes and technologies.
  • Continuous learning
  • Training and quality control of other translators:
  • Experience in inventing confirmed by a granted patent.
  • Research skills: complex technical subjects
  • Quality. Attention to detail. I receive the bulk of my work from my former customers.
  • Literacy. A translation from English into Russian will be a translation into the Russian language, not "English Russian," or something. And translation into English will be a translation into literate English.
  • Experience of working with industrial companies and industry publications. Examples:
    • TNK-BP (from 2007 until takeover by Rosenft in 2013), a major Russian oil company, joint venture with BP. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting: working in oilfields, meetings, technology forums. Written translation: field data, well drilling and completion, field facilities, production, power engineering, contracts, project management, HSE, etc.
    • SIBUR, the largest petrochemical company in Russia and Eastern Europe. Interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous): process units (production of polypropylene, polyethylene and terephthalic acid, olefin crackers), supply chain management project, corporate management conference, business meetings, workshops on logistics. Translation of technical texts.
    • Moscow Oil Refinery. Interpreting: installation supervision, repair of process equipment, procurement.
      • Neftekhimia, a subsidiary of SIBUR and Moscow Oil Refinery. Project to increase the production of polypropylene. Discussions of process parameters, drawings, design documentation and staffing.
    • Oil & Gas Journal. Translation of articles since 2007.
    • Geophysmash. Instrumentation for well logging and petroleum production. Translation of the corporate web-site and technical documentation. More...
    • Fluor. Project to construct a Refining and Petrochemical Complex in Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation. More...
    • DuPont. Introducing new technologies to refineries. Translation: drawings and other process documentation, equipment supply contracts. Interpreting: presentations of new technologies, business trips to refineries.
    • General Electric. Interpreting at negotiations to supply GE gas turbines to Russian power plants, discussion of technical parameters.
  • Complementary services: transcription (speech to text conversion with or without translation into another language).
  • Second provession: data scientist.
  • No intermediaries.

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